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Why Yoga?

Being in the present

Most of us live such busy lives, rushing from A to B, juggling a never-ending list of tasks and constantly glued to our phones and laptops and as a result, we become more and more disconnected from the world and ourselves. One of the main benefits for practicing yoga is that it allows us to focus on what is happening in our body, tune in with our breath and be in the present moment.

De-stress our body and mind

When we practice yoga, we are able to relieve some of the physical effects of stress on the body. Any tension or stiffness in the body is helped by the yoga postures we practice on the mat. The relaxation element of yoga helps us regulate our stress hormones, blood pressure, digestion and immune system. Evidence suggests that maintaining a regular yoga practice is beneficial for people with heart disease, lower back pain, anxiety and depression.

Improves sleep quality

Studies have shown that when we are feeling less stressed, we ultimately sleep better. Many people who practice yoga regularly have reported to have improved sleep quality. When are able to have a good night's sleep, we wake up the next feeling better in our body and mind..



Builds strength

When practicing yoga, all the muscles in our body are active and engaged. A combination of holding yoga poses to a more dynamic movements allows a full-body workout. Building strength has an important purpose as well - it improves our balance by strengthening our lower body, particularly the ankles and knees, and reduces the chances of falls and trips. Yoga increases mobility so that we can bring more ease to the movements, making us feel less stuck in our body.

Helps us focus on our breath

Our breathing and emotions are linked. When we are stressed or in a state of panic, our breath is short and shallow. Through practicing yoga, we learn to tune in and control our breathing. Using longer and deeper breaths allows us to regulate our feelings and emotions by sending signals to the brain. The calmer we feel, the better we are at managing potentially challenging situations.

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